Seminar Tracks and Sub-tracks:

Research papers will be invited for presentation during the Seminar on following themes and sub themes but need not be restricted to:

A) Investment Banking & Portfolio Management
  1. Stock Markets
  2. Debt Markets
  3. Regulatory Mechanism for Investor Protection
  4. Asset Pricing
  5. Investor awareness & protection
  6. Personal Wealth Management
  7. Mutual Funds
B) Derivatives Market
  1. Currency derivatives
  2. Commodities derivatives
  3. Interest Rate Derivatives
  4. Credit Derivatives
  5. Risk management with Derivatives
  6. Emerging trends in Derivative Markets
C) Insurance & Actuaries
  1. Actuarial Risk Evaluation
  2. Regulatory Framework
  3. Product Innovation
  4. Skill shortage issue in Insurance sector
  5. Reinsurance and Bank Assurance
  6. Marketing and Distribution of Insurance Products
  7. Managing risk using insurance
D) Venture Capital & Private Equity
  1. Valuation of Soft assets
  2. Commercializing Innovations
  3. Strategic Alliance
  4. Leveraged Buyout
  5. Entrepreneurial Finance
  6. Financing of Family Business
E) Behavioral Finance
  1. Heuristics and Biases
  2. Neuro Finance
  3. Value Investing
  4. Style Investing
  5. Market Anomalies
  6. Bounded Rationality
  7. Behavioral Aspects of Corporate Finance
  8. Interdisciplinary Research and Studies
F) Accounting practices and Corporate Governance:
  1. Accounting Information Systems
  2. International Accounting
  3. Financial Reporting and Statement Analysis
  4. Government and non Profit Accounting
  5. HR Accounting
  6. Inflation Accounting
G) Other Focus Areas:
  1. Goods & Service Tax – Opportunities and Challenges
  2. Demonetization and its Impact on Indian Economy
  3. Digital Economy: Financial Implications
  4. Financial Informatics
  5. Advances in Accounting software
  6. Managing Business Risk and Performances
  7. Green Accounting
  8. Internal Control and Auditing
  9. Financial Literacy & Inclusion
  10. Web-based Financial Reporting

It may be noted that aforementioned tracks are indicative in nature and papers may be submitted on any other relevant sub tracks and other emerging areas of financial markets.

Categories of Papers

i. Empirical Papers
ii. Conceptual Papers
iii. Case Studies
iv. Book Reviews